Who is Steph McFee?

I was born in Alabama and my southern roots still reign strong. From my use of “sir & ma’am”, to the “bless your hearts” that my lips will often utter, I am all southern belle. Aside from my love of fried okra and magnolia trees, I am a mama to an active toddler and am an avid traveler.

I will admit quite happily that I am a Disney fanatic and refer to anything Disney related as my Happy Place. Our ultimate goal will be to one day have visited every Disney park in the world, and we completed our first international visit to Disneyland Paris in 2011.

My passions in life revolve around anything that empowers women and drives home a message of equality.  A world in which people are treated with fairness and appreciated for their talents, not judged on who or what they believe, is my dream existence. And I believe that all things can be achieved when you build a your connections and make them work for you. That is why I love being a connections curator. Please check out my site if you are seeking counsel on how to make your connections help you achieve your goals, both professional and personally.

I once read a quote on a mentor’s wall that I believe is the way to live, “Be in love with your life. Every minute of it.”

I believe in magic, smile from ear to ear, and love with all my being.

I am an advocate for change.

I am a mother – Mama McFee’s Musings.

I am a connector – Connections Curator.

Come along on my journey and let’s make connections that will change the world!

Mama McFee

August of 2014, my ultimate dream came true and I became a mama.  It was something I had almost given up on and with the realization that fertility treatment was the only option available to me, I put everything I could into making that journey amazing.  Starting with IVF and moving forward to today, I have  used writing as a way to tell my journey and to share all of the elements of motherhood.

If you are in the midst of infertility, looking for guidance, support or just want to read about our journey, please visit my blog on Becoming Mama McFee.

Please also check out my current blog, Mama McFee’s Musings. Here I share the ins and outs of all things “being mama”.

If you would like to contribute to my blog, please reach out at steph@stephaniemcfee.com. I would love to share more about “the mamahood”.