A new journey begins

Less than two months ago, my husband and I sat in a doctor’s office and faced a harsh reality. A reality we never thought we would ever have to live. The reality that is infertility. While we knew something had to be keeping us from the dream of family (I hadn’t had a birth control pill since 2007), we kept thinking that other factors were just in our way. I travelled too much; family needs had kept us apart;  work and life had us too stressed.  You name it and we had entered it into our normal dialogue each month as to why nothing was happening.

But finally, with the dawn of my 38th birthday, I realized something had to be done and I started the process of finding a doctor that could help us get answers.  The negative of moving as often as we have, is the inability to maintain a constant relationship with a health care professional.  Therefore, leading me once again down the path of a new doctor.  After some digging, and a very small list due to our current location on the beautiful Palm Coast, I found one that I felt comfortable with and set the appointment between my hectic travel in July.

In the back of my mind, I think I always knew there was a bigger issue at hand.  You always hear about a woman’s sixth sense, but I think it’s as simple as you just know.  Following some initial tests, I was called back in to the office and just felt that my husband should be with me.  We found ourselves faced with numbers and data that even baffled my doctor and her immediate decision was – Infertility Clinic.

What we both had convinced ourselves was probably a simple pill fix or use of a kit, turned in to a moment of sheer heartbreak and realization – would our family every grow?

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