Stick it to me!

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t keep my mind off the thought of the needles all night. The unknown is always worse than reality, thank goodness. The day after Thanksgiving is the craziest shopping day of the year, but for us we slept in, relaxed in our lovely hotel room and finally wondered into the world around noon.

After stops to play in IKEA and Sam’s, yes I said play, we finally made it home. My husband began to prepare for the first injection and I busied around trying to keep my mind off it. We settled on a time of 7pm each night, thinking just after dinner and just before our evening tv watching. Finally it was time. With our tools spread out, we both assumed our positions. We discovered the first time wasn’t easy for either one of us. He doubting our instructions and me doubting the entire process. Due to me takings the shots in the tummy area, we determined that my lying on the bed would be the easiest for him to ensure the 90 degree angle. And before I knew it, he had completed the first and largest injection. All I can say is that I am a lucky girl, as I didn’t feel much at all. The second shot burned a little, but again, he was amazing.

Once it was all over and I realized the first step had been taken, I became overwhelmed with emotion. But my sweetie was there with a hug and smile. We had done it! One evening down. We celebrated by splitting my favorite, a piece of red velvet cake I had snuck into the buggy at the store and an evening of Christmas classics, ending with our favorite tv show.

But the moment of bliss was short lived as I began to experience cramping and other symptoms. I made it to sleep, but was awoken as the cramping became more severe. Now I will admit, I’m not a fan of pain, but these were the worst cramps I have ever experienced. Doing only what I could think of, I re-read every document trying to understand if this was normal only finding notations, “call doctor immediately if major cramping occurs.” My major mistake was “googling”. Don’t do it, as it just makes your mind go to a dark place. Finally, after a couple of hours, I woke my husband, and of course, within minutes he was on the phone with the doctor’s office and half an hour later I was calm and assured all was normal. Take some acetaminophen and try to rest.20131204-220948.jpg

I realized then that I had the power to do this. It was up to me to remain calm, to remain focused, and to not try to go any of it alone. Although I had been telling myself and others this for weeks, when the first trial arrived, I lost my focus. So here I am, almost through the first 24 hours, smile on my face, trying to calmly watch the best rivalry in college football ( not sure how well I will succeed at that). I can do this, we will do this!

Just stick it to me, sweetie!


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