ICE, ICE Baby!

I love to travel and to see new things.  Everyone who is around me for five seconds realizes I am happiest either at Disney or with an adventure impending.  So when the thoughts of spending Thanksgiving at home in Florida became reality, I found myself wishing to be on the move, experiencing something new.

The opportunity presented itself when I realized I would be short a few days to achieve one of my hotel statuses.  As silly as this might seem, to those of us that travel regularly, that Gold or Platinum or whatever metal or gem a company uses is a priceless necessity.  After a bit of searching to see if we could get to my typical back-up of Walt Disney World (well we live only an hour and a half away), I came across the opportunity to stay at the Gaylord Palms Kissimmee and experience their show ICE!

Since coming to Florida in 2008 and hearing about ICE!, I was intrigued.  I have seen a few friends attend similar events across the US, so having the opportunity present itself so readily made my decision of a Thanksgiving plan easy.  Add to that discounts from the chain for room and tickets, and we were immediately booked and ready to go.

First a report on the Gaylord Palms Kissimmee (please keep in mind I spend about 65 – 70 % of my life in hotels):  This is an impressive hotel upon arrival.  Grand drive and entry with unique interiors reflecting locals across Florida.  With the addition of the Christmas décor, the hotel was quite beautiful.  Check in at the honors desk was a breeze and after a nice upgrade and directions, we were soon settled in our room which was simply decorated, but quite large.  The highlight of staying in this hotel during the holidays are the free evening shows, they are a must.  The watch out are the restaurants which are over priced for typical fair.

ICEPhotoBut we were here for ICE! and on Thanksgiving Day we were thrilled to discover no lines and were able to enter earlier than our ticket times.  I had remembered to bring gloves and parkas are provided, but nothing can prepare you for the level of chill you will feel after a few minutes in the exhibit.  The 2013 theme was Frosty, so all the displays depicted the scenes of the tale.  I think we were both a bit uncertain of the expectations, and unfortunately they showed a video at the beginning which raised them way too high, but on the whole it was a fun experience.  The exhibit is very short, but then again, I’m not sure I could have stood any longer with the ice.  We each took a turn at the slides, which is a must, and quickly proceeded through since we were not certain of the length.

While not something I would put on my “to do” list a second time, I believe that children would be enthralled and encourage anyone interested in wearing the best gloves you can buy and taking it a bit slow to soak it in.  In the end, we had a few laughs, made some silly photos and ended up in Walt Disney World after all!  A definite addition to my travel adventures and a memory to be “thankful for”.


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