Slow and Steady CAN STILL win the race!

We have survived our first full week of IVF!  That alone is enough to celebrate, but  we also received good news today that we are still “a go”.  While my progress isn’t speeding along, we have produced the magic number of three follicles needed to continue.

I realized today just how my competitive nature is really ridiculous!  When the three were found and the doctor explained that I was a Ferrari only going about 35 mph, I started my usual processes of “well how can we get this car moving faster”.  As usual my husband took over the conversation and made sure the doctor confirmed that we had “steady” progress and at this point we had made it through another hurdle, we could continue. We were reminded that progress is progress and it doesn’t matter how fast we get there, it just matters that we cross the finish line.

So here we are, getting ready for three more evenings with injections and I am finding myself wishing the day away to get those injections done and jump start my ovaries some more.  I just can’t help it, I want to go to that appointment on Monday and hear, “I see 5 follicles!”.  For that matter, six would be even better.

As I sit here trying to focus on my work, all I can think about is seeing those three little follicles.  It’s really an amazing process when you pause to take it all in.  We just saw our 3 potential eggs, one part of the equation that could make up our child.  So now we focus on trying to add a few more to the equation so that we can have the best shot possible.

I find myself taking it one day at a time, one injection, one doctor’s visit, etc.  Every day is a win, every time my husband receives the ok to give me another injection is a win.  And standing before us is the ultimate finish line.  While the end goal of breaking the red tape would be a dream come true, the concept of just reaching the end and crossing the line is what I’m most focused on.

For now, I’ll accept cruise control and sit back and relax and let others zoom past me in the fast lane.  I’ve always been one to enjoy the journey as much as the destination anyway.

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