The Envelope Please…

Friday, December 13th dawned crisp and bright. After staying up until midnight to get in one last snack and sip of water, I woke at 9 am and prepared to greet the day. Fortunately we had decided to stay near the clinic in Jacksonville to avoid a morning drive, and so the time to arrive was soon upon us.

As we prepared to walk in, my stomach turned into knots and I grasped my husband’s hand. Having not had anesthesia since getting my wisdom teeth out as a child, I was nervous about the entire process. While I count my blessings that I have been healthy with no surgeries in my 38 years of living, again the fear of the unknown took grasp of my senses.

Within a few minutes of arrival, I was whisked away to the “dressing room” and given my attire for the days feastivities. The comedic element to the production was my lack of vision due to contacts and glasses not being permitted. As I lay there, faceless nurses and doctors came to speak to me, asking questions, hooking up monitors and having me sign things I couldn’t see. After a couple of misses with the IV line, we were soon on our way to the room where I was given my “mark” and my “cocktail”.

20131215-121714.jpgThroughout the entire time, I nervously laughed with the staff, and continued to breathe and remember my affirmations a dear friend had given me at the start of this journey. The staff was surprised when they realized what I was doing and were proud of my ability to remain calm. Before I knew it the lights began to dim and I knew it was show time. I wish I could remember what I dreamt, but no dream would have been any better than what I awoke to thirty minutes later.

Out of the haze of the moment, I heard my name and the joyous news, “we retrieved six eggs”. I was overwhelmed and tears flowed from my face, alerting the nurses who soon realized the smile through my sobs. Six eggs, six. I couldn’t believe it. I actually had to ask the nurse to confirm it. What I didn’t know was at that very moment, my sweet husband was handed a card and given the good news. My little ovaries had done their job, and we now had something even better to work with.

The ride home was a bit of a blur as I was in and out of reality due to my earlier “cocktail”. My feet felt like lead, despite the euphoria I was sensing and by the time I arrived home I was starting to sober up. Throughout the entire process, I was was very lucky, feeling no pain until the evening when the medication wore off. My best advice is to listen and stay in bed, because eventually it does catch up to you. While I only felt discomfort and my movements were slightly hindered due to my swelling belly, I behaved and rested. All the time thinking of my six little eggs.

Now we wait again to hear what the results will be. Now I am content in the thought that we did it, that I did my part. That my ovaries gave a stellar performance. Soon the results will be in, and no matter what is revealed, I am happy in this moment. So now I ask, “may I have the envelope, please.”