Twas the night before transfer…

‘Twas the night before embryo transfer,

And all through the house, a wife was keeping busy as was her spouse.

The day dawned quite lovely, cool, crisp and bright

But those six waiting embryos was all was in site.

They had done so much prep work, between shots, food and pills,

But wondered their fate over the next hills.

The experience was nearly over, the journey soon to end,

What once was unknown was almost gone with the wind.

And six little embryos awaited a home, a freezer or womb, was as yet unknown.

But the husband and wife, filled with their love

Awaited their fate as the stars shone above.

The end of the story is yet to unfold, but whatever the outcome, their hands they will hold.

For although the journey was not part of the plan,

the couple is content having done all they can.

Twas the eve before embryo transfer, the eve of our fate,

And no matter what, life’s what we’ll celebrate!