A new chapter begins

It’s only been 4 days since receiving the official news, and yet the world looks completely different.  While the concept of pregnancy is still sinking in, the symptoms are making their presence known loud and clear.

What was only minimal nausea two days ago has turned into an all day event.  Leaving me sitting alone for five minutes will quickly lead to closed eyes and a nodding head.  And I never thought my bathroom trips, which have been frequent throughout the entire process, could get more common, but they have.  Mind you, there are no complaints from this pregnant lady.  I welcome each and every symptom with an open heart and a smile on my face.  They are all signs of my body doing its job, and for that I am proud and thankful.

Yesterday was a follow-up blood test to ensure my numbers were increasing indicating a healthy early pregnancy.  While I’m not sure what the numbers mean, I was thrilled with the enthusiasm of the nurse and the assurance that things were going well.  I also welcomed some quick pointers regarding nausea, sight and smell treatments.  These are the trickiest of symptoms for me to understand and manage.  One minute I’m eating a fish sandwhich like a starving person, and the next I’m having my husband take it off my plate – no longer able to stomach it.

The hardest thing for me to control is my need for information and constant research.  I’m trying to not be a crazy person with regards to what I should and shouldn’t be doing at this stage, but we’ve worked so hard to get here and I want to continue to ensure I’m doing all I can to support our little one.  Aside from the food and drink changes I had already made, I discovered the need to change out face, hair and body products.  My cabinets are now stocked with a variety of all natural, organic, and paraben/sulfate free items.  Again, I’m trying to not go overboard, and am actually glad for the “ah ha” at the junk I’ve been coating on myself over the years.  This may just lead to a permanent change, and I must admit it all smells and feels wonderful.blog photo 1

Embracing every moment for what it is, a gift, I took the opportunity to visit a maternity store for the first time.  Unfortunately it wasn’t just to dream, but out of necessity as the constant barrage of drugs and procedures has taken a toll on my little tummy and I am still sporting my pretty large pouch.  Aiming to add more than my two pair of stretchy pants back to my wardrobe, I purchased pant extenders.  While a small purchase, it was exciting to chat to the lady at the counter, think of the possibilities and again be reminded how blessed I am with this new chapter. (Yes, I look like a drowned rat in the photo thanks to two days of constant rain.  But a very happy  one!)

So here we go with the next stage.  And like the first chapters of this journey, we will take it one day at a time; one stomach leap, one bathroom break, one tear or smile.  Let the next chapter begin.

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  1. I am absolutely giddy at the news and so honored to follow you and David’s magical journey towards becoming parents! You two may not realize it – but you are more prepared than you may think – did you know that the craziest roller coaster ride in the world is not at Disneyland but rather the nine months of pregnancy? Ha! Enjoy all the twists and turns, and in nine months your joys will double! XXOO Machelle

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