The symptoms have landed!

Three weeks since the transfer, nine days since the news, and every day with more symptoms.  I am beginning to believe that I am pregnant.  You may laugh at that revelation, but my poor internal organs have been through so much the past few weeks, that I actually think I have finally felt the shift and am now in full blown “pregnancy land”.

I want to begin by informing that I am by no means complaining.  To the contrary, I welcome each and every symptom as a sign that things are progressing.  It is fascinating after so many years wondering what pregnancy was like, looking at pregnant women with Jan coldjealousy and excitement, that now I have a new respect for every woman that has gone through this.  Especially those that have had to actually go in to an office during this first trimester.  I struggle enough with the nausea and bathroom breaks while working from home and cannot fathom what that must be like in an office setting.  I count my blessings that I can do all of this from my home, in my comfy baggy clothes;  stretching out and taking a brisk walk when necessary to relieve my aches.  (Here is a photo from Monday, all bundled with our 40 degree weather and sporting my college team logo for the football that was later that day.)  Yes, I am a very lucky lady.

So here I am, once again playing a waiting game.  With two more weeks until the ultrasound, wondering how far along I am and how our little one is progressing, I have delved into the world of Google.  Fortunately, there is a wealth of information out there on what is happening each week, helping to explain each twinge and new symptom.  I have actually been able to find peace in my current research and based on my findings, feel I am probably entering my 5th week.  Of course, we will not know for certain until our visit on January 23rd, but for now I am content in this conclusion.

While I remain positive and ecstatic at my fortune so far in this journey, I will admit that this phase is pretty tough.  I am waiting for my sweet husband to throw his hands in the air about my eating, or lack thereof after he’s made something I cannot stomach.  We may have to start buying two bulk packages of toilet paper at the warehouse store each visit with all of my stops in that room of the house;  and I’m getting creative incorporating walking on rainy and cold days by doing laps in the house to keep my blood flowing to support building my little one’s home (while trying to not get dizzy).

barfbag2I found something funny on Pinterest the other day, which may soon be a staple in our house/car.  Maternity Barf Bags.  I am not kidding.  And as today has shown me, I may not be too far off of needing these (a little cuter than the bucket I carry around right now).  The irony in the nausea is that I’m also starving at the same time.  I wonder at things that say “remember you are not eating for two”.  Well, all I can say is that this is more than I normally eat and my stomach is constantly growling for even more.  Perhaps my little one is just a good eater like his/her mama.  Perhaps it’s because I am eating only healthy, organic, low processed food and my system is in shock.  Either way, I feel as if I’m eating constantly, but quite happily if that is what little one needs.

Yes, the symptoms have landed.  Yes, I admit, I feel like crap some days.  And Yes, I’ve never been happier in my entire life.  So Houston, there is no problem here.  This is one happy, nauseous pregnant lady.