The 3 week countdown…

It’s been almost a month since I have posted and so much has occurred.  Today marks nine weeks into this new journey, with only three more weeks left until the end of the first trimester.  I am approaching pregnancy much as I have each stage of this process – one step at a time.

Each day has brought something new, and I continue to be amazed at how my body is responding.  While the nausea has continued to increase, I am so thankful that I have yet to go beyond just the feeling of being sick.  I will not lie and as I have said before, I have so much more respect for pregnancy than I ever did before.  Yes, it’s an amazing journey, but there are days that lifting my head is more difficult than I ever imagined.  Days where eating feels more like a chore than a reward.  But each time the symptoms take over, I rub my growing belly, speak sweetly to my little one and know it’s all for an amazing cause.

Earlier this week the morning sickness kicked it up a major notch causing me to keep my bucket very close at hand.  On a work call the other day, I nearly lost my breakfast and at the same time was being asked a question.  I ended up in laughter as I realized my little secret and the hysterical image I must have made with my head in my bucket, my headphones on for the call, and my hands on my laptop trying to keep up with the conversation.  Oh the things that we do for the love of a little one.

Yes – our little one is growing as is my belly.  Last week I was amazed when I realized my stomach muscles had started to tighten, and that I now have an upper muscle that prevents me from bending over completely.   It’s the most joyous feeling on earth.

mcfee_babyOne week ago we finally had our first look at our little miracle.  When the image appeared on the screen, I was overcome and tears streamed down my face.  When the doctor turned on the sound and we heard it’s sweet heartbeat, I didn’t think I would be able to keep my composure.  There it was, our little one.  While only a small speck on the screen, we could actually see it’s fluttering heart.  A moment I will always remember.  Thursday, January 23rd was the first time we met our child.

So here we go with the final countdown of the first trimester.  Not only am I excited for the hope of the end of the nausea, but more importantly for the time we can announce to the world our coming joy.  I cannot wait to tell our secret, to share this next journey with everyone that we know.

For now, I grab the crackers, drink some ginger ale, and rub my sweet belly – letting my little one know how much it is already loved.

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