Welcome to our story

Welcome to where I share our journey to family.  This blog was created as a way for me to tell the story of infertility and IVF; a place where I could be honest;  give my perspective and hope that this might assist others that go through this process.

Please keep in mind that the blog starts with the most recent entry and goes back to the first, which begins on November 25th, so you may want to scroll to the end and read them in order to understand the full story.

Also, this is told from my heart, so is transparent and holds very little back.

Our journey ended happily, and we know how truly lucky we are to now be in the second phase of our adventure.  I hope our story inspires others to believe in each other, to give something scary a try and to trust in the power of love.

Wishing everyone happy endings!

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P.S. – To jump to the beginning, click here. From there you can click on the November archives.

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  1. Dear Stephanie and David,

    So deeply touched by your website, wishing you much happiness with the pregnancy and keeping you in my prays that the rest of the journey is wonderful.

    You too will have the pleasure of yelling and shouting at a teenager who wont do what you say. 🙂

    love to you and David xx

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