Well Hello Second Trimester…glad to meet you!

I cannot believe it’s been a month since I last wrote in the blog.  That I am a month further into this wonderful journey.  That I am now in the second trimester!

While lucky with suffering only heavy nausea for a few weeks, I still welcome the second trimester for so many wonderful reasons.  First, yes, the nausea has nearly subsided and now only rears its ugly head when I’ve waited too long for a snack (which is very rare); and secondly, I am feeling more energetic and have resumed my walking hopeful to get my sore legs moving.  But the best reason for entering this wonderful next phase is the comfort of knowing that the risks continue to be less and that little one has definitely made itself at home.

photo 1Yes, little one is stretching out as is my little belly.  I laugh when I see photos, as to me my bump feels huge, as if it’s sticking way out.  But when I see a picture, I cannot believe what my tummy looks like.  Prior to IVF, I was blessed with having a waistline and relatively flat stomach for a few years now – everything seems to always settle in my hips and thighs.  So now that my middle is thick and I definitely have a tummy, it feels massive.  But again, I am not complaining, quite the contrary, I cannot wait for it to get bigger.  According to our scale, my weight gain has only been between 2 -3 pounds (depending on the time of day), so I know this is nothing compared to what is ahead.  I have included a photo comparing week 12 to week 14, so you can judge for yourself.

Another symptom that has come forward lately are the dreams.  While I’ve always been an active dreamer, I normally dream of random stories with people I don’t know.  Lately, while I can’t remember the dreams, they are filled with people I know and are usually something completely crazy.  Like going to the meeting with my staff members last week and they were all faceless, or sitting in an airport with no planes and not being able to remember where I am going.  Most of the time I just wake up knowing I dreamt something odd, but not certain what it was.

My favorite dreams that I can remember, include my angels, our family members that have left this earth.  I have always had a tendency to dream of family members for up to a year after they pass, interacting with me in passionate discussions.  Now I dream of them with our little one or talking about what little one will be like or what gift they have bestowed.  No matter what your beliefs, these are fabulous and comforting and make me feel that those we have lost are here with us now in our journey.

So little one and I continue to grow, to get out and do our daily walk to keep the blood pumping, and to continue to try to eat as healthy as possible (with a donut or Girl Scout cookie thrown in every now and then).  My hips are expanding, bringing some pain, so a pregnancy pillow is in my future this week and when my mother comes for my birthday the end of the month, I’m hoping we can take a spin through the maternity store.  As you can tell, I’m excited about every symptom, eager to welcome anything new no matter if it’s comfortable or not.  Everything is a sign of little one and my body doing what they need to do.

expectantI AM an expectant mother.  I am expecting aches, but I am also expecting exciting times ahead.  I am expecting tears and smiles, but most of all I am expecting the most fabulous journey. Buckle up second trimester, I am ready for an adventurous few months.

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  1. Always enjoy reading your updates and sharing this journey with you. I too am an avid dreamer. I recently got an app that deciphers your dreams. Totally fun! I’ll FB you the link. 🙂

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