Are you going to…wait, what was I saying?

applesAs I am heading into week 16 (baby the size of an apple/orange), I have started noticing more of what I consider the funny pregnancy symptoms making their presence known.  I am already learning to laugh at myself more than ever, as these other symptoms come forward and I find myself sometimes baffled at what I’m doing or saying.

First, let’s address this “pregnancy brain” issue.  I have heard friends speak of this during their pregnancies in the past, and I’ve always been a little forgetful (just ask any childhood friend or sorority sister), so this has caught me a little of guard to be worse.  My husband and family will say I have a selective memory, but I prefer to call it a passionate memory, meaning I only remember those instances that have a huge impact on my heart (both good and bad).  Whatever it is, my previous memory issues have been related to my long-term memory.  Now I find my short-term memory beginning to be impacted.

I just can’t seem to remember anything.  What’s really interesting is being mid-sentence and completely losing my thought.   And I mean the thought is gone, blank, black hole.  When this happens, I just laugh.  I can’t help myself.  To me it is hysterical, strange, but because I know why it’s happening, I have a little giggle while rubbing my belly knowing that little one is worth every lost thought.

The second symptom I have noticed recently are the cravings.  Early in my pregnancy it was all about food aversions, especially meats and hot vegetables.  Thankfully, I only have one protein that still hasn’t made it back completely into my diet, chicken.  Now for most individuals this would not have a major impact, but since I have a food allergy to red meat and pork, this really has limited my variety of protein.  My sweet husband and mother have both been brain storming as to how we can hide chicken in dishes, as we have discovered as long as I cannot see it, then I can get it down.  Again, I laugh as I feel like a little kid, that as long as I don’t know it’s there, I can eat it.  Let’s just put it this way, I’ve had my fill of eggs, spinach and cheese.

On the flip side, last week I finally had my first real craving.  While I have craved a few things, mostly salty foods, nothing has been specific until last week when apples became my food of choice.  Now again, their is irony in this discovery as I have never been a big apple eater.  My sweet husband used to cut up apples so I would eat them, so now that I can’t make it through a day without one, it is quite laughable.  But at least I’m craving something healthy, for now.

pillowAnd finally, the pregnancy pillow has made it’s way into our bed.  Now that I am sporting more of a bump and my hips and legs are little more achy, I broke down and made this “major” purchase.  I could not believe how many different types of pillows there were out there and so I took my time over a few weeks, researching.  What I have realized is that this was nothing compared to when we start purchasing strollers, car seats, etc.  So the fact that it took me 3 weeks to purchase a pillow is a sign that I may need to get to work on these baby items.

After all, I only have 25 more weeks until baby time.

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  1. Great to hear everything going well.

    that memory loss will be from now on. Take care of yourself and get that man of yours throw in a foot massage in with those cut apples.

    Warmest Regards

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