A letter to the bump.

My Dearest Little One,

cakeToday I celebrate my thirty-ninth birthday, and yet because of you I am feeling younger everyday. We have now completed seventeen weeks of our journey together and on Wednesday, March 19th, I felt your tiny movements for the first time. Now I look forward to you making your presence known to me as there is nothing more comforting than your flutters reminding me you are there.

Everyday we have together has already been such a gift, but the next year is what I am most excited about. Because of you, this last year of my thirties will be one of the best of my life. Because of you and all the adventures ahead, I cannot wait for my forties. You have already changed me in so many wonderful ways, and I know I will never be the same.

For once in my life, I welcome getting on the scales each day and seeing the number go up. I look in the mirror and don’t see wrinkles, but see the face of the woman that will care for you. At work, previous stressful situations do not seem so complex because I look at things with a different perspective. Everyone around me even seems to be impacted, as conversations always lead to you and your progress. Yes, you are my dearest gift.

Your Nana also has seen a huge change in her health since we found out you were on the way. A year ago she could barely walk after breaking her back and this past week she walked everyday with us to the beach. Making sure you maternity storeand I got our exercise. Nana and I also thank you for the journey we are getting to share as mother and daughter. I’m sure you heard and felt all my belly laughs the other day as we tried on clothes at the maternity store with a fake bump, imagining what you and I will look like in a few months. These are special moments and our first moments with you in our lives.

Your daddy and I have also shared some special memories with you already. I hope you have heard him speaking to you, that you know he rubs and kisses mommy’s belly and that, while we do have the normal fears of first time parents, we cannot wait for you to get here;  to love you, to teach you and to make more memories with you.

Yes, my dearest little one, you are so loved. And as your mommy, I already feel so honored. I promise to do the best I can to care for you now and in the future. I vow to cherish every moment we are given together. And more than anything else, I will love you now and for all the birthdays I have left.

So let’s go eat some cake and get to celebrating.

All my love,
Your Mommy


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  1. Hi Dave and Steph, firstly my heartfelt congratulations!! I am very excited for you both and I am enjoying reading your journey so far and will look forward to future posts! All the best for a smooth pregnancy – the second trimester is the best in my opinion! Love Robyn x

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