Mother’s Day Musings

Today was Mother’s Day and I cannot believe what has happened since this time last year.

In 2013, David met me in SoCal, and we spent the day in Disneyland. I had just started a new health regime, losing about 8 pounds, and was on a west coast city tour for work. This year, we spent the day in Walt Disney World, I’m 23 weeks/2 days pregnant, have gained 12 pounds, and just returned from my only work plane travel of the year.


Last year I would never have imagined I would be waking up to baby kicks each morning; staring at my ever changing belly every day; and eating sweet treats without guilt. As I have said since the beginning, my life is so blessed and I am living the most amazing dream.

Even though I am not technically a mother yet, I feel the love and protective nature over my sweet bundle that I can only imagine a mother understands. I try so hard to balance what I eat, get in my walking and ensure I’m feeling lots of kicks each day. I am learning more about our baby girl as I understand what she responds to, such as drinking ice cold water to get her to kick. It’s all still so unbelievable.

So this Mother’s Day I was fortunate enough to kick off the weekend with my own dear mama in Chicago where she gave me a gorgeous pink sapphire ring to commemorate my “soon to be a mom” day. And today I was rewarded when my husband finally felt our little girl kick for the first time. Two special memories that will make Mother’s Day 2014 a weekend I will never forget.


And to think this is only the beginning of our adventure with our sweet little one. But for now, I sit here loving her kicks and flips. Talking about everything going on so much that I know my family may be over it by the time she arrives. And enjoying each and every special moment.

Happy Mother’s Day to all of my friends. As I always say, no matter if you mother a child directly or indirectly, a fur baby, or an angel, you are all special to the world and have impacted me in so many ways. And I cannot wait to welcome sweet Elise to our community of amazing women.

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