Strollers & monitors & cribs…OH MY!


We have made it to twenty-six weeks in the pregnancy, with only 14 weeks left, and I am finally making progress on determining what we will need to welcome baby girl.  I understand now why I had been delaying this process.  While fun, I was not prepared for all of the choices that would be available for every item I knew we would have to purchase.

Let me first recap my progress to date with the pregnancy.  At twenty-six weeks, I am proud to say I have gained fifteen pounds, have been able to continue my mile walks regularly, and am still moving around pretty well.  The baby bump has definitely been coming in, and I feel baby girl’s kicks and movements regularly.  While I have not been able to determine a pattern to her activity (probably because I do not have a set schedule myself), I have noticed some reactions recently that continue to make me laugh out loud.

During my mid-pregnancy dental cleaning, the tech and I both couldn’t help but giggle as baby girl reacted to the micro-ultrasonic scaler machine (the scraper).  Every time it was turned on, she would kick and thrash and as soon as it turned off she would stop.  We barely got through the cleaning with the distraction.  I have also noticed that she remains perfectly still whenever I speak.  While I try to tell myself that she is just listening and loving my voice, I more often imagine her in there with her little hands over her ears waiting and wondering when “that annoying noise” will stop.

All of this is just a wonderful reminder of the little life that is growing and making her presence known, and keeps me focused on ensuring that we will have what we need when she arrives.

Getting back to the discussion of the purchases, besides the normal decisions based on safety, customer feedback and price,  I have added an extra element of difficulty by wanting to add earth friendly and all natural to our decision.  While I thought this would limit our choices to very few, I have been both pleased and surprised to find countless offerings available.  So as a planner, I started building an excel spreadsheet to assist us in the process.  What I have since come to find is that, like many decisions that I have made in the past, in the end I will probably go with my gut feeling.  I just hope these gut feelings work out as well as those others have.

A few days ago, I made my first purchase on Zulily after days of researching my alternative diaper choices.   I was so excited I felt like shouting from the rooftop…a decision and  purchase had been made.

Another decision I never contemplated as being difficult was that of where to register.  Weighing our need for something virtual, with benefits and accessibility to us since we have very little nearby, I finally settled on Babies R Us.  While this is not an endorsement as we are still in process, so far I have been happy with the online system, the in-store support and the perks, such as price match.

At the end of the day, I am trying to keep everything in perspective.  I can get caught up in what I want for baby girl versus the immediate necessities, but I’m sure we can all agree, that a baby closet organizer system is a necessity.  Well at least to someone that loves to organize.

And so we continue on our journey with fourteen more weeks ahead.  More milestones and purchases to make, and more lessons to be learned.  Together, the three of us will navigate our path and learn together.  And if she doesn’t like the bottle nipples I selected – well then,  there are always more choices on the shelf.

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  1. First – I had to LOL AND sigh with relief when I read you made a spreadsheet! I thought I was the only one that did that with both personal and professional projects. 🙂 How do we far-away friends contribute to the baby registry? Please let us know!

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