A status change is a comin’!

travel 1For over 10 years I have been a road warrior.  For weeks each year, I have joined my fellow travelers as we have trudged through airports, dealt with sometimes smelly rental cars, slept in more hotel rooms than should be allowed, and drifted in an out of cities without so much as a look.

Over the years I began collecting frequent traveler cards like they were part of a series featured in bubble gum wrappers.  Many people may remember a scene out of the movie Up in the Air with George Clooney where the two main characters laid out all of their cards, comparing perks and discussing whom they felt was the best.  Yes, that was me.  If you were to ask me now, I could tell you about most hotel chains, which points get you the most perks, and what hotels are the best in most major cities.

But of course with most things in my life, I  soon began to realize that all of that travel was a huge opportunity.  Not just to experience the people and places of North America that I encountered, but a way for my husband and I to share some amazing experiences.  After a few years of slipping in an out of cities having only seen the hotel and board room, I finally grasped hold of the concept that I was missing out and made a shift.  If at all possible, I flew in a few hours early or stayed overnight, slowing down which provided me more rest and the opportunity to see or do at least one thing in the city I was visiting.  My hubby and I began cashing in those points, flying him in for a weekend or taking a well deserved vacation, all with the goal to check some items off our travel bucket list.

And so over the years, we have been quite fortunate.  Despite what some people may think from my blogs and social media posts, we have ventured beyond Disney.  From Las Vegas to New York to Europe, we have been able to experience such great wonders as the Grand Canyon, the Eiffel Tower, and walking the Golden Gate Bridge.

But this year, a change is on the horizon.  For the first time in ten years, the beginning of a new year will dawn and I will not have one frequent traveler status.  My days of first class upgrades, concierge lounges and free luggage check will all disappear.  And I couldn’t be happier.

I will trade in my VIP traveler status for a new title that I have always dreamed of, the one of “mother”.  Due to our journey with IVF and our need to be sensitive to what it took to get me here, my travel has been limited, keeping me close to the wonderful medical professionals that helped us achieve this soon to be goal.  Due to strategic planning at work last year, I have hired and trained a fabulous team and am utilizing more virtual means of being in several places in one week making it possible for me to maintain a high level position without countless plane travel.  Now my ever faithful travel accessories are being used to support my back and feet at home versus on an airplane.

And so what is in store for this road warrior once motherhood becomes the most important title every achieved?  Integrating all sides of my life just as every mother does.  While I know my pace and perspective will be changed, I also know that as my daughter grows, my husband and I will pack her little suitcase and teach her through experience what an amazing world we live in.  After all, she will be the one with three passports thanks to her father, leaving me behind in the immigration line as she steps out into an amazing world.  And I cannot wait!

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