It’s beginning to look like a baby is moving in!

At week 29, our house is beginning to look a lot like a baby is coming.  Pink, pink and more pink.  Some may say I’ve become a “pinkaholic”, but all I see is scrumptious places and things to welcome our baby girl home to.

Over the past few weeks while my sweet husband has been catching up with family in the UK, my mother and I have been working to prepare our home to welcome our third resident.  The nesting process has been so wonderful, and I am very thankful to my mama for taking on putting together items, washing and integrating our little girl into our world.

baby shower signAs part of the process of making ready for baby, I was very blessed to have some of my dear “sisters” in Atlanta offer to host a baby shower for me.  This was such an emotional celebration, as I had figured it was one thing I would never experience.  So throughout the day the tears were mixed with laughter as my heart was overwhelmed by the love I was surrounded with.  I savored every moment, from the flowers to the games, to the well wishes for sweet Elise.  This was a day that will forever be ingrained in my heart as one of my favorites.

And so, every day we get one step closer as we are now in the 75 day countdown.  My baby bump has definitely become a belly, and I have now gained almost 20 pounds.  But I continue to be blessed with great health and my only mobility limitation is getting out of chairs.  I will admit that I am slowing down a bit and am more tired than throughout the other two trimesters, but as always, there are no complaints from this baby mama.

minnie strollerAs we enter the final stages, we have registered for our 6 hour parenting class, 4 hour breastfeeding class, and planning to add baby CPR.  But after helping mama put the stroller together the other day, I am now wishing they taught a class on putting the baby in the car seat.  Up until this point, I was not overwhelmed with baby’s impending arrival.  But after practicing with a Minnie Mouse plush, I realized that this was not as easy as it looked.  Poor Minnie may be put through it over the next few weeks as I practice, but we all have to do our part.

And as I make updates to my ever expanding Baby McFee Excel spreadsheet, I am filled with joy.  Not just at the deals I have gotten on almost every purchase (it’s all about the coupons), but at the progress we have made.  As I enter the last few weeks of being a house of two, I am calm and as always taking every moment in.  For soon enough she will be here, soon enough I’ll be putting her in her crib and wrapping her in sweet blankets.  For now, I’ll welcome her daddy home and together we will wrap-up the last fourteen years of being a couple and prepare for our dream of being a family.

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