Weebles Wobble…and so do I.

photoHello week 31, and hello big belly.  For everyone wondering when the belly was going to catch up with me, we have reached the day.  At 31 weeks, I have gained between 22 to 23 pounds and my belly is measuring 33cm as of my last check-up.

Baby girl continues to lay across my belly with her head on the right and bottom on the left.  I keep trying to convince her to move up into what we are calling the penthouse, since I’m so long wasted, but she continues to remain low, every now and then stretching her legs into the upper reaches of my tummy and wiggling her body around before settling back into her comfort zone.

I love nothing more than feeling her move, twist, roll and wiggle her feet.  I try to keep up with her pattern to see if I can understand when she sleeps, and a few weeks ago I thought we almost had her figured out, but of course, she is already her own little person.  She is very active, but still stops when I am speaking and has decided she only likes the touch of my hand.  I am sad for my family and friends that want so desperately to feel her lovely bumps, but she somehow knows it’s not my touch and always stops moving when they place their hand on my belly.  I say she is just saving it up for when she’s on the outside.

Every day is still amazing.  I look at myself in the mirror and cannot believe that it is really me.  When you hope and dream for something for so long, reality is often so hard to take in.  I am very blessed that this reality is so much better than I ever imagined.  While I must admit that I do have a funny shaped belly, which is long and flat in the middle, I am still fascinated by it.  When I sit and watch my belly twitch and jump, I cannot believe that those waves of movement are my baby girl.

My sweet husband keeps catching me sitting with her things.  I enjoy staring into her crib, imagining what it will look like with her in it.  I stand in front of her closet and lovingly touch her clothes, wondering what she will look like and how big she will be.  I play with the few toys we have purchased, listening to the lullaby of her mobile and shaking one of her rattles.  I know she is coming. I know soon she will be here, but some days it’s just too wonderful to imagine.  I need someone to pinch me and remind me this dream is coming true…and about that time she moves and I cannot help but smile.

As everyone has said, the third trimester is so different.  With a bigger belly, chairs are becoming more of an obstacle and my evening walks are a bit more difficult since she is sitting so low.  I wake every hour in the night to either shift sides, have a bathroom break, or even respond to her kicking.  But I rise each morning so grateful.  My pregnancy is such a gift and every day is one more day with my little one, supporting her and sustaining her.

And with every step that some days is an actual wobble, I just smile and laugh.  It’s all part of the most amazing process I have ever witnessed.  It’s all steps along a magical path.  A path leading me to my happy ending.  So wobble on, pregnant lady…wobble on.

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  1. I am enjoying so much keeping up with you three, in your postings here and on FB. I bet you do wobble a bit and I know it is wonderful.
    Love you

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