Musings during MY labor day.

Yesterday morning I woke up and things just felt different. I really did not feel well with some heavy nausea and tight breathing. Thankfully we had a doctor’s appointment and so my mother and I headed off wondering what the day might hold. At my mom’s suggestion, we loaded the suitcase in the car just in case.

With our arrival at the doctor and after some confusion since my appointment was not in the system, we finally had our moment. Unfortunately, I had not made any progress since the week before when I was 1cm/50% effaced. We sat and discussed options and I Finally settled on an elective induction to be scheduled for Thursday night with a baby hopefully on Friday. Before we left, the doctor decided to monitor little one for a few minutes. Unfortunately, she was not very active, leaving her heart rate constant and what they considered “flat lining”. (But no worries, it’s not as serious as it sounds.)

The next step was an ultrasound after which it was determined that my fluid was low and the placenta may not be performing well. From there we were off to the hospital and the excitement that it was time to bring her into the world started to sink in.


As we entered the hospital, my heart began to race and by the time we were settled and hooked up, I began to have an out of body experience. Papers were signed, processes explained, and then I saw it. The empty bassinet. That was all that it took, I was now ready. Within the next few hours, she and I both went back to normal activity, the first medicine was given at 3pm, and then we waited. By 9pm, I had made some progress to start stage two, and the pitocin was administered.

Needing some rest, my sweet husband went home and mom and I settled in for the night. By midnight, the contractions were starting to pick up intensity, but upon checking no further progress had been made. So we pushed pause on everything, they gave me a sleeping pill, and I drifted off to a blissful sleep for about 4 hours.

And so here we are on our way again. They allowed me some real food after broth and jello the night before (however I wasn’t complaining). I sent my mom and husband home, caught another quick nap and now at 9 am, with the pitocin dosages being slowly increased, I am starting to feel a little pressure and just hope we make some progress by lunch.

At the end of the day, the “how” she gets here does not matter. It’s just that she ends up in my arms and I know that forever she is mine.

So let’s get this pain going.
Baby girl, today you are getting your eviction notice.

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