Hello World!

imageToday I am three weeks old and to celebrate, mommy & I are starting my new blog, not that I know what a blog is.  Mommy says this is a way for me to share my adventures with our many family & friends all over the world.  That sounds a bit overwhelming for my age when tummy time is so exhausting.  But I am a product of  my parents, so I might as well start embracing my curios and adventurous spirit now.

First, I want to send out cuddles and love to everyone for all of the email, texts, social media posts and the wonderful goodies I have received.  I felt the love of so many on my birthday and just knew I made the right decision on coming out of mommy’s belly.  Ok, I admit, the doctor had to coax me out, but I was a bit nervous about meeting mommy & daddy.

After all that time in the dark hearing those two voices, and one more than most (my mommy can really talk), I must admit I was not sure about what was on the other side of the tummy.  But now that I am here, I am loving seeing and hearing so many wonderful things.  It is true that we do not have it all down yet and I often have to yell to help them understand, especially when they change my nappy which I hate; but the cuddles and the smiles make it all worth while.

I have decided that my daddy is hilarious.  He is always making funny faces and the way he reacts when I have a not so nice nappy almost makes changing time bearable.  He is so much fun when we play on my matt everyday and his beard tickles me when he smothers me with kisses.

Mommy is very gentle and my favorite time is after she has fed me and I snuggle on her shoulder.  She also makes a great dinner, even though daddy says she cannot cook.  I don’t know what she makes for him, but my milk is awesome.  And we are getting better at our feeding strategy as I am a bit stubborn in my approach (supposedly I have a double dose of stubborn independence).

As for mommy and daddy’s thoughts on me, they say that I am lovely, gorgeous, wonderful…but a noisy sleeper.  I guess I dream a lot and make a lot of sounds that keep them up at night.  I don’t remember what I dream, but I bet it’s all about what we do each day and what they say we will do in the future (or could be mommy’s milk as that stuff puts me in what the call a milk coma – it really is awesome!)

And so for now, life is all about learning and experiencing new things.  I cannot wait until I am bigger to start my travels to meet many of you (supposedly Target and Walmart are not real trips, who knew?).   I promise to keep you all updated on my progress and to share the laughs that will be a part of growing up with my silly parents.

Love to everyone!


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