One month down…a lifetime to go!

IMG_1405I recently turned one month old and it has definitely been an exciting first month of life.  As you can imagine, I have had a lot of firsts in the past few weeks and life has been pretty hectic as daddy, mommy and I try to find a routine.  I must admit that I haven’t made it easy on them, but then again, this is the first time I have lived this life and so I am still figuring everything out myself.

Beginning with my first car ride home from the hospital which was also mommy’s first ride in our new car (daddy said only the best ride for me) and ending last week with the first time I pushed up with my arms to hold my head during tummy time – it’s been an exciting few weeks.  I have experienced my first ride in my stroller, which I loved even though I usually sleep through our daily walks;  daddy and mommy introduced me to the beach and dipped my toes into the cold water; and I had my first bath, which I was not that keen on since I am not one to be without my clothes.  My first shopping trip was when I was three days old to Babies R Us, because I had been so good at the hospital getting my follow-up blood test.  And I have become a regular at Target which sometimes I am in the mood for and other times not so much.

I have also had some firsts which were a little sooner than mommy and daddy had hoped.  When I am hungry I am not choosey and so I will suckle on anything you give me, even the pediatrician’s hand which made him laugh.  Mommy and I continued to struggle with latching, so I am now getting her yummy milk through bottles.  I know she was sad about this, but I must admit that it is so much easier for us both and boy can I really eat some food.  At my second pediatrician visit to check my weight, I had gained a whole pound since I was born and have grown nearly two inches.  Mommy says I will be out of newborn clothes in the next couple of weeks, and I cannot wait to start wearing my 0-3 months clothes hanging in my closet.  Watch out fashion world!

The most exciting things we have shared of firsts are my smiles and laughs.  Everyone knows the first smiles are not necessarily because I’m happy, but in the past few weeks I have started giving mommy and daddy more “real smiles” and I have a tendency to laugh in my sleep sometimes.  My favorite thing that makes me smile and laugh is tummy time.  Daddy plays a game with me where I push my feet against his hand and move across my mat.  I love it and cannot wait to figure out these two things that hang by my sides (I hear they are called arms) so I can get on the move without daddy’s help.

And of course there have been the first cooing, yelling and tears.  I am getting more and more vocal when I want things and when mommy and daddy don’t get it quite right.  I don’t mean to be hard on them, but once they learn my language this will all be much easier.

At the end of the day, I love mommy and daddy very much.  They do so much for me, kissing me more than I can stand sometimes and telling me they love me every minute.  Life is pretty good here in Palm Coast, FL and my first month of life has been a lot of fun.

I cannot wait to see what the second month has in store for the three of us.  One thing for sure is I have these two right where I want them and they wouldn’t have it any other way.



PS – check out some photos from my first month.


One week old, wearing the bonnet my mommy came home from the hospital in back in March 1975.



Mommy, Nana and I when I was 3 weeks old.




Mommy loves looking at me – 3 weeks old.


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