Will smile, sleep, whatever you want, for food!

War EagleHappy 8 week birthday to me and congratulations to my mommy and daddy for making it through these first exciting weeks of my life.  It’s been three weeks since my last blog and mommy says that’s because she has been so busy taking care of me; but I think it’s because she uses my nap time to either sleep or catch up on her television shows.  And she says that her world revolves around me – whatever!

So what have I been up to the last three weeks?  Not much really, unless you consider sleeping longer, laughing, pushing up and grasping my toys something to celebrate.  Mommy and daddy think everything I do is so exciting and I am often confused by their constant laughter, clapping of hands and numerous cuddles when I try something new.  I see them doing all of these things and I know I can do them if I just work at it, so I give everything a try.  I will admit that I get very frustrated during my tummy time as I just don’t understand why my arms and legs won’t do what I want them to do.  But I know I will eventually get it and if all of these things make my mommy and daddy happy, then of course I am a happy girl.

While I have been working on my skills, mommy and daddy have been working hard to get me on a schedule in preparation for mommy to go back to something she calls “work” next week.  I’m not sure what this “work” is all about, but supposedly she will have to sit at the computer talking all day long.  I seem to remember a lot of talking when I was in her tummy and if that is what “work” is then I won’t mind her doing it in her office while I swing, sleep, play – you know, have my typically awesome day.

As for the schedule, when it comes to eating, I am all about them knowing when it’s time to get me my food as I love to eat.  I would eat all the time if my tummy did not get full and make me spit up.  I have heard mommy say that I am definitely related to my family as they all love food.  Mommy says she cannot wait until my next doctor appointment to see how big I have gotten.  My eye is still on the prize of my fabulous closet, so bring on the food.

Other than food, the other area I have been happy to work on with them is sleeping.  They finally have realized that I prefer to be awake and playing most of the day, no matter what the books and Google say.  I now let them have a five hour and then a four hour stint every night.  This makes them give me tons of kisses each morning so I reward them with smiles and laughs.   It is a nice way for all of us to start the day.

The favorite part of my schedule each day is our walk to the beach.  I love hearing the daddys lovewaves and feeling the wind on my face.  I often stick my tongue out to taste the salty air and mommy and daddy play with me while we sit and relax in the evenings.  The beach air also makes me feel very sleepy, and I am usually ready for my evening nap after dinner.

All in all, the past three weeks have been wonderful.  I may give them a hard time every now and then, but I must admit I love my mommy and daddy.  And now that I know it only takes a smile, I can even work them more than I did in the past.  Not that I think they mind.

Hugs and love to everyone,



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