A carseat with a view

IMG_2824Another month has passed in my young life and soon I will be headed to the big 12 week milestone.  My second month of living as a McFee was full of more adventure than one twenty-three inch person can stand.  All I can say is thank goodness I like my carseat/stroller combo.  If not, mommy and daddy would be in big trouble.

Since my last post, life has continued to be filled with adjustments and many more firsts.  Some I enjoyed, some I hated, and some I just didn’t understand.

We celebrated my two month birthday with a visit to the pediatrician.  I have decided I really like my doctor.  He is very nice and gentle and seems to make mommy and daddy smile.  I even gave him a smile myself when he spoke to me.  His nurse, on the other hand, I will stay away from next time.  She stuck me three times in the legs which really hurt.  And they didn’t even give me a warning.  Thank goodness daddy was there to scoop me up and give me a cuddle.

I was pretty sleepy after that ordeal (and some yummy tasting stuff they called Tylenol).  Mommy and daddy said they had something very important to do called “voting”, so off we went again.  I was curious what this “voting” thing was as mommy and daddy were very serious.  They said it was something that I will do when I am much older and had to do with all of those loud people on television saying bad things about each other.  All I know is that I’m glad that it is all over and now the silly, singing people are back on the television.

HalloweenAt the end of that week we had something called “Halloween”.  Mommy put me in this orange outfit with a hat, saying I looked cute, but I felt kind of silly.  She and daddy made me take photos with a pumpkin and I was not amused.  My favorite part of the day was taking a walk to Publix. It was so pretty outside and people kept stopping in the shop to say how cute I was.  I decided that my pumpkin outfit might not be so bad, since so many people smiled at me.  Mommy explained that when I am much bigger we will do something called trick or treating where people give you yummy sweet stuff.  I am not so sure I understand all of this, but if mommy and daddy think it will be fun, then I’ll give it a try.

As for mommy being back to work, she and I now have special time just us when I first wake up in the morning and then in the evening for either a walk or playtime.  I am glad that she works from home so that she can give me kisses at lunchtime and I really enjoy when she plays with me.  I have started trying to grab more but really do not like tummy time anymore.  I just don’t get it and prefer to stand where I can see everything.  Mommy and daddy both continue to try to put me down so I will learn to roll over, so I’m trying.  But I would much rather just learn to use these legs of mine and walk around like they do.  Sometimes it’s just not fair.

mommys handAs I come to the end of another month in a couple of weeks, I am so eager to continue to learn and to get out with mommy and daddy and see this big beautiful world.  I hear this is a month to say what we are thankful for and even though I’m only 10 weeks old, I am very thankful for a cozy bassinet, yummy milk, and a mommy and daddy that love me as much as mine do.  I’m also thankful for you, all of my friends and family across the world, and all the love you send me.

Sending you all my love and hugs,




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