Rolling, rolling, rolling…

IMG_3899My three month birthday has come and gone and now I’m on the move and ready to take on the world.  Ok, so I have only started to roll over, but that walking thing is next…right?

Month three has been so much fun and full of even more adventures.  A few days before Thanksgiving I finally got this rolling over thing down.  Mommy and daddy were overjoyed, clapping and taking video.  I had been tricking them for a few days doing it while they were not watching, but finally I decided enough was enough.  After that I realized that rolling over was just the beginning, and now I need to get the hang of this crawling thing.  Of course if I could just get traction on my mat, that would help.  I really just want to bypass this whole crawling thing and get to walking.  I get so frustrated that mommy and daddy do not seem to understand and keep putting me down when all I want to do is stand.  So I’ll keep working at it.

The biggest excitement for me the past few weeks was a road trip to Fairhope, Alabama where my mommy grew up.  It was a very long day of riding (over eight hours) and I slept most of the way since there is not that much to see.  Mommy and daddy brought all of my favorite things, but it still wasn’t home, so I was a little off the first couple of days.  But soon I realized how much fun it was with people like Nana and Poppie hugging and playing with me all day.   Every night I was so tired that I finally started sleeping from 8pm until 5:30 or 6:00 am each morning.  Mommy was so shocked the first night, but now they are both used to it.  Too bad I cannot promise that I’ll stick to the new schedule with my hungry tummy and my gums starting to hurt.IMG_3773

Mommy took me around to meet new family and friends and we even visited the toy store she went to when she was little.  I was very excited looking at all of those toys and I cannot wait until we go back when I am bigger.

On Thanksgiving we had a big celebration.  It started with watching something mommy called a parade on the television and ended with Poppie and I celebrating our birthdays.  I also got to meet Miss Nelda who is 93.  She was friends with my Nana right before my mommy was born and is my adopted great-grandma.  She was very sweet and gave me a good cuddle.

Despite all of the fun, I was very glad to come home and spent quite some time laughing and stretching on my mat.

IMG_4248Mommy says now we are in something called the Christmas season.  She has been so excited, decorating the house with some of the prettiest and most amazing things.  I am mesmerized by the Christmas tree and the blinking lights and love my stocking and pretty clothes.  We have been taking lots of photos and I try to give mommy smiles, but sometimes all I want to do is play.  The grounds of where we live are also all decorated with lots of lights and we went to my first neighborhood outing with singing and lots of people.  I wasn’t too sure of everything as it was very loud, but daddy held me tight and they both sang along with the choir, dancing with me.

I feel like I need a nap just writing everything down that has occurred the past three weeks.  It has been so exciting and I am taking it one day at a time as we get closer to Christmas.  Every day is something new and I’m not always certain about it all, but as I always say, with mommy and daddy holding on to me, I know I am ready for whatever comes our way.

Love to everyone and Happy Holidays!



PS – here are some other photos of our Christmas fun so far.  Cannot wait for the next few weeks.

Miss Nelda & I.
I am a happy baby elf.
My first Christmas Tree
One of my fun Christmas outfits.




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