First Christmas…Done and Got the t-shirt!

x-mas dayAll I can say is WOW! I think I’ve been in a constant state of shock and wonderment for an entire month now. This Christmas thing is pretty intense. From the lights, to the people, to the clothes, to those present things…it’s been a whirlwind of a month.

Aside from Christmas, I have also had a busy month since mastering the art of rolling over before Thanksgiving. I now roll over in all directions, and like to keep mommy and daddy guessing which way I will go next. I have also started laughing and cooing much more and sometimes I just crack myself up with giggles. The week of December 8th, I started to work more on crawling and right before Christmas I figured out I have to pull my legs and bottom in the air to scoot. With a little more practice, I know I’ll get this figured out. Sitting up has also been a priority for me, and while I don’t have it completely mastered, I am starting to really work my stomach muscles with trying to pull up. Mommy bought me a new chair that I love, with toys and a tray. It’s so nice to not have to lay around all the time.

This month also brought my first time away from mommy when she had to go on a trip for work. I still am not sure where she went, but I had a nice week with my daddy and was such a good girl. I slept through the night almost every night and had lots of daddy-Ellie playtime. By the time mommy got home, I was so excited I could not sleep much for a day or so.

Nana and Poppie came a few days before Christmas and mommy put me in all sorts of new outfits and took my picture almost every day. It was tiring, but I tried to give her smiles each time since she and Nana kept saying how pretty I was.  Be sure to check out all of my great outfits – Ellie’s Holiday Photo Shoot.

By the time Christmas arrived, I was already pretty excited and struggling to sleep every night. I just didn’t want to miss anything as I knew they were having fun when I was asleep. On Christmas Eve we went up the street to the lobby of the hotel where we live and they introduced me to this person called Santa. Supposedly he travels the world bringing toys and I need to be a good girl so I will get presents. I received a nice letter from him before we met, saying he was so excited to add me to his list this year.  He seemed ok, but I think I like my Poppie just as well…his beard is better.

PresentsOn Christmas morning I woke up to mommy and daddy’s smiles and cuddles and all sorts of pretty presents from Santa and Nana & Poppie. It didn’t take me long to figure out what a present was and that you have to rip off paper to get to the goody inside. After a while I was giving mommy direction on how to do it and trying to get her to do it faster. I loved my presents but have decided that two things are my favorite. A Hello Kitty block from Santa and a pelican with a large orange squeaky nose from Nana.

Again, WOW! I think I need another nap just writing it all down. Tomorrow I will turn four months old. Mommy says this will be another big month with lots of new things. I’m excited, but I think I’ll go grab a nap so I’m ready.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas!

Love & cuddles,

Sleepy baby

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