Mama McFee is Motivated

Ellie HeartHappy International Women’s Day!  If you do not know, March is Women’s History Month and today, March 8th, is International Women’s Day.  It’s a time to celebrate our past, our present and our future.  But to me, it is so much more!

Today, I start a new phase.  I am following my heart – as my daughter inspires me to do every day.  I am starting a blog about being “Mama McFee”.  Please note, this is not a blog necessarily about being a mother, a wife, a daughter…etc.  But for me, it will be a blog about passion, about motivation, about how #ItsTime to stand up and make some real changes.  Yes, I’m latching on to my company’s #ItsTime movement and as a leader and a woman, I feel it IS time for me to let my voice be heard…well, read.

So let’s start with some facts about me.  I want to use this blog to share my journey, to muse on life and to maybe start some conversations with the world community.

I must admit, I did look up the word “muse” and here is what it said:  to think about something carefully or thoroughly;  to think or say (something) in a thoughtful way.  That’s my goal – although, we shall see if I achieve it.

Here are 15 facts to get us going (it just worked out to be 15) – and remember, the best thing anyone can do for another human is to not judge what they don’t understand or have not experienced.  (Just needed to put that out there!  :-))

  1. Yes – I am a woman.  Ok, so now that we have that understood.
  2. I am a daughter, a wife, a mother, a sister-in-law, a friend (I hope), a colleague and a boss.
  3. I am 40 – well 41 in 20 days. But who is counting?!  I just want birthday cake.
  4. I have crazy nuances – I will not refer to them as OCD, though others might.  For example: a chair on my patio is not aligned properly with the patio table. It bothers me and I will have to go straighten it.  Actually, let me go do that now…
  5. I was married at 24 – which was old amongst my friends in the south.  Yes, now I realize just how young I was.
  6. I married someone from Australia.  Yes – he has a great accent.  Yes – it is/was romantic.  But he is from another country, so there are struggles.  Despite what all Americans think, there are countries even more awesome than ours.
  7. I had my first child, a daughter, at 39.  It was via IVF; it was only one round.  She is my miracle, my everything.  And I’m exhausted!  What mother isn’t?
  8. NO – I will not be having other children, and I am content with that.  Everyone asks, so I want to get that straight from the beginning.
  9. I am from Alabama. I went to Auburn University (not Alabama) and yes, I love college football.
  10. My BS is in Fashion Merchandising (no it is not a degree in shopping); and I have an MS in Consumer Affairs.  Yes – they are real degrees and I am proud of them!
  11. I suffer from depression, but who doesn’t in this world; and I struggle with an anxiety disorder.  That’s a tough one to put out there, as we so often hide these things.  But it’s something I want to talk about in my “Musings”.
  12. I did grow up with educated/intelligent parents that both worked VERY hard.  I had a “nanny” that kept me in the afternoons until I was 18.  I had a car at 16 – so yes, I had things, lots of them.  I was spoiled.  But I also understand hard work and know what it is like to lose almost everything.
  13. My father is a transgendered female.  I found out when I was 22.  I did not handle it well.  And yes, I accept, but still struggle.  Not everyone is Caitlyn Jenner with millions of dollars and a TV show.  But I am VERY proud of her and am working on building a relationship to teach my daughter acceptance of all people.
  14. I have a fabulous job.  Even on days I hate it, I love it!  Most people do not understand what I do.  But I know I can make a difference, and that means everything.
  15. I know and accept that I am NOT perfect…well, most days.  Yes – I try to be wonder woman every day!  It’s what we do!

And so, there we have it!  That is me. The things I celebrate;  the things I hate;  the things I cannot change.

On this 2016 International Women’s Day, pause and reflect on ALL women that make up this amazing world we are blessed to live in.

Look at yourself in the mirror and do what my daughter does – kiss yourself!  There is nothing wrong with that.  It’s awesome!  I know, I’ve tried it.

Come with me on this journey if you like.  Share with me.  Take me on your journey.

Let’s “Muse” together!!!

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