Mama McFee is “ALL IN TO WIN” for weeMcFee!

ELF Group 2016If you do not know by now, I work for an organization called NEW.  An organization I have been passionate about for 13 years as both a member and now staff.  My passion for equality in all things has no bounds.  It has always driven me.  From the moment I put on my first pair of glasses at 8 years old and realized I was different, I became passionate about respecting differences.

NEW’s mission is quite simple:  To advance women, grow business  and transform our industry’s workplace through the power of our community.

Ok – so maybe it’s not that simple to achieve – but the concept seems so obvious.  I have never questioned why NEW needs to exist, I know.  I have heard the stories from my own mother and others of her generation. We all know the history and can be so grateful that those days are gone.  But what exists in their place?  The gender wage gap still exists.  While women represent most of today’s graduates, women CEOs are less than 10%.  Most maternity leave is unpaid.  The list goes on.

But I am not a complainer.  I am a doer.  So early on, I began doing.  And along the way, I found NEW.

At NEW I found my community.  I found others like me.  I was able to show my passion and have my skills be groomed as to how to be a change agent.  But no journey is easy.  Along the way I have stumbled, and my NEW family and mentors have always been there.  NEW itself has had growing pains in understanding how to help drive our community along this path.  So last year we found our new compass, and this we year set on our new course.


A powerful statement, with a powerful organization and powerful community behind it.

I am part of the NEW community.  I am a wife and mother.  I have a toddler daughter, and I want her to never be paid less because of her gender.  I want her to be able to work without limits.  I want her to know she has a strong community that believes in the power of everyone!IMG_8155

And so, once a month I pack a bag and leave her for a week to focus on this work.  And in September, I will leave her to attend the most important event for NEW this year, our National Leadership Summit.  At this Summit we will celebrate 15 years of NEW.  At this Summit we will discuss the issues, hear from all generations and life stages, listen and learn.  We will be ALL IN TO WIN!

So as this Mama McFee packs her bags to leave her weeMcFee for a week with 1,100 industry professionals in Orlando, I ask you…will you be there?  Do you believe in no less than GENDER PARITY?  Are you ALL IN TO WIN?

Join me and let’s travel this road together.  See you there!

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To register for the 2016 NEW Leadership Summit.

To find out more about NEW’s Future Fund and our gender parity pnitiative, please watch this video.


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