Mama McFee Celebrates 2017!

I must admit that I have always loved New Year’s Eve. Despite that it’s when I lost my grandmother in 1996, it was also when I found out I was going to be a mother in 2014. New Year’s Eve presents an opportunity for a new beginning. To start clean and move forward with a new perspective.

So each year, I like to take the time to review the past year. To celebrate accomplishments, trips and memories and also survival of another year.

I present my account of 2017. I left out anything work related for my husband or I, not to say I wasn’t proud of what we accomplished, but it wasn’t what I wanted to remember this year for. I want to remember the opportunities we took to get to know our home and to celebrate life with family.

As you look to end the year and celebrate the new beginning, take time to focus on the memories. To celebrate time together, to celebrate whatever brings you a smile. For that’s what life is truly about, happiness and love.

Happy new year to you!

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