Early on my passion for treating people with fairness evolved and through the years I devoted my time to various causes.  But one area showed itself early on as where my heart truly felt the strongest pull.  Not only as a woman, but as the daughter of a working mother and the granddaughter of a woman who went to college – advocacy for women’s’ equality quickly rose to the surface.

For over a decade now, I have devoted my time to the efforts which supported women in the workplace and focused on not only ensuring opportunities were made available but that policies also did not negatively impact women.

This work has always meant a lot to me, but now is even more critical as I am the mother of a daughter.  I will not rest until more people understand the importance of fairness and equality, not just for women, but for all.

I am looking for opportunities to share my voice on behalf of this great work.  Please connect with me on LinkedIn.


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I enjoy being in front of a group of individuals either eager to learn more about how to become advocates for equality or who are learning how to take the message to the next level. I have led panels, workshops and spoken to over 1,000 people at select events and in online settings.