Rolling, rolling, rolling…

IMG_3899My three month birthday has come and gone and now I’m on the move and ready to take on the world.  Ok, so I have only started to roll over, but that walking thing is next…right?

Month three has been so much fun and full of even more adventures.  A few days before Thanksgiving I finally got this rolling over thing down.  Mommy and daddy were overjoyed, clapping and taking video.  I had been tricking them for a few days doing it while they were not watching, but finally I decided enough was enough.  After that I realized that rolling over was just the beginning, and now I need to get the hang of this crawling thing.  Of course if I could just get traction on my mat, that would help.  I really just want to bypass this whole crawling thing and get to walking.  I get so frustrated that mommy and daddy do not seem to understand and keep putting me down when all I want to do is stand.  So I’ll keep working at it.

The biggest excitement for me the past few weeks was a road trip to Fairhope, Alabama where my mommy grew up.  It was a very long day of riding (over eight hours) and I slept most of the way since there is not that much to see.  Mommy and daddy brought all of my favorite things, but it still wasn’t home, so I was a little off the first couple of days.  But soon I realized how much fun it was with people like Nana and Poppie hugging and playing with me all day.   Every night I was so tired that I finally started sleeping from 8pm until 5:30 or 6:00 am each morning.  Mommy was so shocked the first night, but now they are both used to it.  Too bad I cannot promise that I’ll stick to the new schedule with my hungry tummy and my gums starting to hurt.IMG_3773

Mommy took me around to meet new family and friends and we even visited the toy store she went to when she was little.  I was very excited looking at all of those toys and I cannot wait until we go back when I am bigger.

On Thanksgiving we had a big celebration.  It started with watching something mommy called a parade on the television and ended with Poppie and I celebrating our birthdays.  I also got to meet Miss Nelda who is 93.  She was friends with my Nana right before my mommy was born and is my adopted great-grandma.  She was very sweet and gave me a good cuddle.

Despite all of the fun, I was very glad to come home and spent quite some time laughing and stretching on my mat.

IMG_4248Mommy says now we are in something called the Christmas season.  She has been so excited, decorating the house with some of the prettiest and most amazing things.  I am mesmerized by the Christmas tree and the blinking lights and love my stocking and pretty clothes.  We have been taking lots of photos and I try to give mommy smiles, but sometimes all I want to do is play.  The grounds of where we live are also all decorated with lots of lights and we went to my first neighborhood outing with singing and lots of people.  I wasn’t too sure of everything as it was very loud, but daddy held me tight and they both sang along with the choir, dancing with me.

I feel like I need a nap just writing everything down that has occurred the past three weeks.  It has been so exciting and I am taking it one day at a time as we get closer to Christmas.  Every day is something new and I’m not always certain about it all, but as I always say, with mommy and daddy holding on to me, I know I am ready for whatever comes our way.

Love to everyone and Happy Holidays!



PS – here are some other photos of our Christmas fun so far.  Cannot wait for the next few weeks.

Miss Nelda & I.
I am a happy baby elf.
My first Christmas Tree
One of my fun Christmas outfits.




A carseat with a view

IMG_2824Another month has passed in my young life and soon I will be headed to the big 12 week milestone.  My second month of living as a McFee was full of more adventure than one twenty-three inch person can stand.  All I can say is thank goodness I like my carseat/stroller combo.  If not, mommy and daddy would be in big trouble.

Since my last post, life has continued to be filled with adjustments and many more firsts.  Some I enjoyed, some I hated, and some I just didn’t understand.

We celebrated my two month birthday with a visit to the pediatrician.  I have decided I really like my doctor.  He is very nice and gentle and seems to make mommy and daddy smile.  I even gave him a smile myself when he spoke to me.  His nurse, on the other hand, I will stay away from next time.  She stuck me three times in the legs which really hurt.  And they didn’t even give me a warning.  Thank goodness daddy was there to scoop me up and give me a cuddle.

I was pretty sleepy after that ordeal (and some yummy tasting stuff they called Tylenol).  Mommy and daddy said they had something very important to do called “voting”, so off we went again.  I was curious what this “voting” thing was as mommy and daddy were very serious.  They said it was something that I will do when I am much older and had to do with all of those loud people on television saying bad things about each other.  All I know is that I’m glad that it is all over and now the silly, singing people are back on the television.

HalloweenAt the end of that week we had something called “Halloween”.  Mommy put me in this orange outfit with a hat, saying I looked cute, but I felt kind of silly.  She and daddy made me take photos with a pumpkin and I was not amused.  My favorite part of the day was taking a walk to Publix. It was so pretty outside and people kept stopping in the shop to say how cute I was.  I decided that my pumpkin outfit might not be so bad, since so many people smiled at me.  Mommy explained that when I am much bigger we will do something called trick or treating where people give you yummy sweet stuff.  I am not so sure I understand all of this, but if mommy and daddy think it will be fun, then I’ll give it a try.

As for mommy being back to work, she and I now have special time just us when I first wake up in the morning and then in the evening for either a walk or playtime.  I am glad that she works from home so that she can give me kisses at lunchtime and I really enjoy when she plays with me.  I have started trying to grab more but really do not like tummy time anymore.  I just don’t get it and prefer to stand where I can see everything.  Mommy and daddy both continue to try to put me down so I will learn to roll over, so I’m trying.  But I would much rather just learn to use these legs of mine and walk around like they do.  Sometimes it’s just not fair.

mommys handAs I come to the end of another month in a couple of weeks, I am so eager to continue to learn and to get out with mommy and daddy and see this big beautiful world.  I hear this is a month to say what we are thankful for and even though I’m only 10 weeks old, I am very thankful for a cozy bassinet, yummy milk, and a mommy and daddy that love me as much as mine do.  I’m also thankful for you, all of my friends and family across the world, and all the love you send me.

Sending you all my love and hugs,




Will smile, sleep, whatever you want, for food!

War EagleHappy 8 week birthday to me and congratulations to my mommy and daddy for making it through these first exciting weeks of my life.  It’s been three weeks since my last blog and mommy says that’s because she has been so busy taking care of me; but I think it’s because she uses my nap time to either sleep or catch up on her television shows.  And she says that her world revolves around me – whatever!

So what have I been up to the last three weeks?  Not much really, unless you consider sleeping longer, laughing, pushing up and grasping my toys something to celebrate.  Mommy and daddy think everything I do is so exciting and I am often confused by their constant laughter, clapping of hands and numerous cuddles when I try something new.  I see them doing all of these things and I know I can do them if I just work at it, so I give everything a try.  I will admit that I get very frustrated during my tummy time as I just don’t understand why my arms and legs won’t do what I want them to do.  But I know I will eventually get it and if all of these things make my mommy and daddy happy, then of course I am a happy girl.

While I have been working on my skills, mommy and daddy have been working hard to get me on a schedule in preparation for mommy to go back to something she calls “work” next week.  I’m not sure what this “work” is all about, but supposedly she will have to sit at the computer talking all day long.  I seem to remember a lot of talking when I was in her tummy and if that is what “work” is then I won’t mind her doing it in her office while I swing, sleep, play – you know, have my typically awesome day.

As for the schedule, when it comes to eating, I am all about them knowing when it’s time to get me my food as I love to eat.  I would eat all the time if my tummy did not get full and make me spit up.  I have heard mommy say that I am definitely related to my family as they all love food.  Mommy says she cannot wait until my next doctor appointment to see how big I have gotten.  My eye is still on the prize of my fabulous closet, so bring on the food.

Other than food, the other area I have been happy to work on with them is sleeping.  They finally have realized that I prefer to be awake and playing most of the day, no matter what the books and Google say.  I now let them have a five hour and then a four hour stint every night.  This makes them give me tons of kisses each morning so I reward them with smiles and laughs.   It is a nice way for all of us to start the day.

The favorite part of my schedule each day is our walk to the beach.  I love hearing the daddys lovewaves and feeling the wind on my face.  I often stick my tongue out to taste the salty air and mommy and daddy play with me while we sit and relax in the evenings.  The beach air also makes me feel very sleepy, and I am usually ready for my evening nap after dinner.

All in all, the past three weeks have been wonderful.  I may give them a hard time every now and then, but I must admit I love my mommy and daddy.  And now that I know it only takes a smile, I can even work them more than I did in the past.  Not that I think they mind.

Hugs and love to everyone,



One month down…a lifetime to go!

IMG_1405I recently turned one month old and it has definitely been an exciting first month of life.  As you can imagine, I have had a lot of firsts in the past few weeks and life has been pretty hectic as daddy, mommy and I try to find a routine.  I must admit that I haven’t made it easy on them, but then again, this is the first time I have lived this life and so I am still figuring everything out myself.

Beginning with my first car ride home from the hospital which was also mommy’s first ride in our new car (daddy said only the best ride for me) and ending last week with the first time I pushed up with my arms to hold my head during tummy time – it’s been an exciting few weeks.  I have experienced my first ride in my stroller, which I loved even though I usually sleep through our daily walks;  daddy and mommy introduced me to the beach and dipped my toes into the cold water; and I had my first bath, which I was not that keen on since I am not one to be without my clothes.  My first shopping trip was when I was three days old to Babies R Us, because I had been so good at the hospital getting my follow-up blood test.  And I have become a regular at Target which sometimes I am in the mood for and other times not so much.

I have also had some firsts which were a little sooner than mommy and daddy had hoped.  When I am hungry I am not choosey and so I will suckle on anything you give me, even the pediatrician’s hand which made him laugh.  Mommy and I continued to struggle with latching, so I am now getting her yummy milk through bottles.  I know she was sad about this, but I must admit that it is so much easier for us both and boy can I really eat some food.  At my second pediatrician visit to check my weight, I had gained a whole pound since I was born and have grown nearly two inches.  Mommy says I will be out of newborn clothes in the next couple of weeks, and I cannot wait to start wearing my 0-3 months clothes hanging in my closet.  Watch out fashion world!

The most exciting things we have shared of firsts are my smiles and laughs.  Everyone knows the first smiles are not necessarily because I’m happy, but in the past few weeks I have started giving mommy and daddy more “real smiles” and I have a tendency to laugh in my sleep sometimes.  My favorite thing that makes me smile and laugh is tummy time.  Daddy plays a game with me where I push my feet against his hand and move across my mat.  I love it and cannot wait to figure out these two things that hang by my sides (I hear they are called arms) so I can get on the move without daddy’s help.

And of course there have been the first cooing, yelling and tears.  I am getting more and more vocal when I want things and when mommy and daddy don’t get it quite right.  I don’t mean to be hard on them, but once they learn my language this will all be much easier.

At the end of the day, I love mommy and daddy very much.  They do so much for me, kissing me more than I can stand sometimes and telling me they love me every minute.  Life is pretty good here in Palm Coast, FL and my first month of life has been a lot of fun.

I cannot wait to see what the second month has in store for the three of us.  One thing for sure is I have these two right where I want them and they wouldn’t have it any other way.



PS – check out some photos from my first month.


One week old, wearing the bonnet my mommy came home from the hospital in back in March 1975.



Mommy, Nana and I when I was 3 weeks old.




Mommy loves looking at me – 3 weeks old.


Hello World!

imageToday I am three weeks old and to celebrate, mommy & I are starting my new blog, not that I know what a blog is.  Mommy says this is a way for me to share my adventures with our many family & friends all over the world.  That sounds a bit overwhelming for my age when tummy time is so exhausting.  But I am a product of  my parents, so I might as well start embracing my curios and adventurous spirit now.

First, I want to send out cuddles and love to everyone for all of the email, texts, social media posts and the wonderful goodies I have received.  I felt the love of so many on my birthday and just knew I made the right decision on coming out of mommy’s belly.  Ok, I admit, the doctor had to coax me out, but I was a bit nervous about meeting mommy & daddy.

After all that time in the dark hearing those two voices, and one more than most (my mommy can really talk), I must admit I was not sure about what was on the other side of the tummy.  But now that I am here, I am loving seeing and hearing so many wonderful things.  It is true that we do not have it all down yet and I often have to yell to help them understand, especially when they change my nappy which I hate; but the cuddles and the smiles make it all worth while.

I have decided that my daddy is hilarious.  He is always making funny faces and the way he reacts when I have a not so nice nappy almost makes changing time bearable.  He is so much fun when we play on my matt everyday and his beard tickles me when he smothers me with kisses.

Mommy is very gentle and my favorite time is after she has fed me and I snuggle on her shoulder.  She also makes a great dinner, even though daddy says she cannot cook.  I don’t know what she makes for him, but my milk is awesome.  And we are getting better at our feeding strategy as I am a bit stubborn in my approach (supposedly I have a double dose of stubborn independence).

As for mommy and daddy’s thoughts on me, they say that I am lovely, gorgeous, wonderful…but a noisy sleeper.  I guess I dream a lot and make a lot of sounds that keep them up at night.  I don’t remember what I dream, but I bet it’s all about what we do each day and what they say we will do in the future (or could be mommy’s milk as that stuff puts me in what the call a milk coma – it really is awesome!)

And so for now, life is all about learning and experiencing new things.  I cannot wait until I am bigger to start my travels to meet many of you (supposedly Target and Walmart are not real trips, who knew?).   I promise to keep you all updated on my progress and to share the laughs that will be a part of growing up with my silly parents.

Love to everyone!


Now…the rest of the story

IMG_0548Today marks 19 days since our baby girl entered the world and, as everyone says, life looks so much different on this side of the belly.  As we head into our third week of parenthood, I can admit, that we do not have it all down.  Everything is so much more than we expected, from the number of diapers, to how difficult and demanding breastfeeding would be.  But as every parent knows, it just takes one smile, one hand hold, one cuddle in the middle of the night to make it all so worth it.

So let’s go back a few days to Wednesday, August 27th, 9am EDT in Daytona Beach, FL.  After a nice four hour sleep and some real breakfast, the Pitocin was once again started and my sweet husband came to take my mother home as she had stayed with me overnight.  Assured that it would be hours until we saw any action, they took off to prepare and I settled in for a day of labor.  By noon, my contractions were increasing slightly, but not to the extent they had the previous night.  When we reached the limit of the Pitocin drip and I was still only about 1.5 to 2 cm dilated, my nurse asked if she could try something.  I believe it was called “stripping the membranes”.  All I know was that it hurt terribly, but with my desperation to get things going, I was willing for them to do anything.  By the time she was done we had achieved 2 cm.  A few hours later, my husband and mother were back in the room, my contractions were still bearable and the nurse wanted to work on the “membranes” some more.  We achieved 3cm, but at that rate, it would take days.

By the afternoon, the decision was made to break my waters, but even after that, despite an up tic in the pain, no progress was being made.  After sitting on the labor ball for a while, the nurse suggested I get the epidural since it was taking 30 minutes to get one.  Anyone that has ever had one of these knows the euphoric state you enter.  I went to zero pain, which allowed the nurse to work my membranes again, but alas, no progress.  At 8pm when my doctor arrived, after countless times of moving me side to side, my blood pressure dropping slightly and again, no progress, the decision was made.  C-section time!

Within less than 40 minutes, David and I were prepped and I was on my way to the operating room.  As the nurse wheeled me down, I became overwhelmed.  This was it, the moment was here, my daughter was going to be born.  Due to my excitement, and of course drugs, the operating room was a place of celebration and the nurses and I laughed as we prepared.  I will never forget those amazing women.  They held my hands, cried with me, laughed with me and we bonded in the moments before she arrived.

As for the C-section itself, it was much more painful than I had expected, and my sweet husband just walked me through it as well as the nurses who whispered everything to me until we heard those sweet cries.  All I can remember is looking over to see my husband’s face as he peered at our little girl.  I will never forget that look of true love, of pride, of overwhelming happiness.

Later in recovery, my baby girl, unbathed as requested for skin to skin, was brought to me.  Within minutes she found her way to my breast and began to suckle and with that, a mother was also born.

IMG_0697The details of the next few days was a blur.  We were released a day early since we were both doing so well and I found myself home.  By day four, I was a swelled up mess due to the Pitocin and epidural and was hardly able to walk (notice my lovely attire including compression stockings).  Nursing was hit or miss, and I cried at every drop of the hat.  But the first time I saw her sweet smile and every time since that she cuddles into me, has made it one more day that we count down, one more day in the “parenthood”.

So  now we are a family, and like all families, we haven’t quite worked it out, but together we are learning.  Together, we are taking on each new day, reveling in her ever evolving personality, and loving her more than I ever thought possible.

And so here ends the journey to baby McFee and begins a new journey.  Please join me in our new blog, “Ellie’s Editorial”.  She and I will share our adventures, our ups and downs, some laughs and probably even some tears.  Thank you for coming along with me the last nine months, for being my virtual support network, for allowing me to share.  Now Ellie’s adventure begins.


Musings during MY labor day.

Yesterday morning I woke up and things just felt different. I really did not feel well with some heavy nausea and tight breathing. Thankfully we had a doctor’s appointment and so my mother and I headed off wondering what the day might hold. At my mom’s suggestion, we loaded the suitcase in the car just in case.

With our arrival at the doctor and after some confusion since my appointment was not in the system, we finally had our moment. Unfortunately, I had not made any progress since the week before when I was 1cm/50% effaced. We sat and discussed options and I Finally settled on an elective induction to be scheduled for Thursday night with a baby hopefully on Friday. Before we left, the doctor decided to monitor little one for a few minutes. Unfortunately, she was not very active, leaving her heart rate constant and what they considered “flat lining”. (But no worries, it’s not as serious as it sounds.)

The next step was an ultrasound after which it was determined that my fluid was low and the placenta may not be performing well. From there we were off to the hospital and the excitement that it was time to bring her into the world started to sink in.


As we entered the hospital, my heart began to race and by the time we were settled and hooked up, I began to have an out of body experience. Papers were signed, processes explained, and then I saw it. The empty bassinet. That was all that it took, I was now ready. Within the next few hours, she and I both went back to normal activity, the first medicine was given at 3pm, and then we waited. By 9pm, I had made some progress to start stage two, and the pitocin was administered.

Needing some rest, my sweet husband went home and mom and I settled in for the night. By midnight, the contractions were starting to pick up intensity, but upon checking no further progress had been made. So we pushed pause on everything, they gave me a sleeping pill, and I drifted off to a blissful sleep for about 4 hours.

And so here we are on our way again. They allowed me some real food after broth and jello the night before (however I wasn’t complaining). I sent my mom and husband home, caught another quick nap and now at 9 am, with the pitocin dosages being slowly increased, I am starting to feel a little pressure and just hope we make some progress by lunch.

At the end of the day, the “how” she gets here does not matter. It’s just that she ends up in my arms and I know that forever she is mine.

So let’s get this pain going.
Baby girl, today you are getting your eviction notice.

The Baby 411

It’s getting to be about that time.  With only six weeks left, there is an air around our household that our newest resident will soon be moving in. The days are flying by, and I cannot believe that we are nearing the end of this amazing journey.

As with anything, preparation is key to success and the other week we attended sessions at the hospital to see what we could learn about what is ahead.  We started with a breastfeeding class, and yes I say we.  The class was to be a four hour look at breastfeeding, which I must admit made me wonder, “what could we talk about for four hours?”.  Now I know that breastfeeding is not always easy and it can sometimes be something that mom and baby have to work to get the hang of, but four hours?  I was pleasantly surprised by what I learned in the first 15 minutes of the course and before I knew it we had ended (and no it did not last 4 hours).  I soaked in all of the information and came out even more passionate about sharing this special time with our girl.  And now my husband knows more than he probably ever needed to know as well.

A few days later, we were back at the hospital for our all day childbirth class.  Again, I was not sure what to expect from a 6 hour course, but soon found a wealth of information, samples and other goodies poured into our heads and arms.  Although I entered the class with the knowledge of years of friends having babies, there was so much more I was not aware of.  From the stages of labor, to the breathing techniques, it was a great way to learn how to prepare for not only giving birth, but what to be doing now.  What I am most excited about at this stage is that I still remain calm about the process of bringing baby girl into the world.  I am also mentally preparing myself that anything could happen, from how long labor could last to having a cesarean section, I know anything is a possibility.  But I am confident in the staff at the hospital, the procedures, facilities and support.  And yes, I’m preparing my playlist, bringing my own comfy pillow, and determining what else I will find soothing to have in the room.

And the last phase was completed today, that of packing the hospital bags.  I spent thehospital bag past few weeks reading other blogs and checking the baby boards for pointers.  At the end of day, I selected a few comfortable options along with some fun slippers and closed the bag.  My favorite part was packing the diaper bag with baby girl’s clothes.  At this point, we are not certain what size she will be, so of course, I had to select a few different outfits.  It was wonderful to share this experience with my sweet husband, searching through her drawers and closet, finding what we will bring our baby girl home in.  As I zipped the bag shut and placed it by the suitcase I suddenly became overwhelmed, for the next time I will be in that bag, she will be here.

With less than six weeks to go, I am rushing to finish last minute preparations (mostly associated with work), but not forgetting the importance of this point in our lives.  Therefore, we paused for a few moments the other day to pose together and capture our happiness in photos (view our McFee maternity shoot).  Fortunately, I have a built in photographer in my husband and the results were tremendous.

For 8 months we have prepared and captured each phase and now in approximately 40 days our wait will be over.  For now, I am  enjoying baby girl’s heavy activity in the belly and dreaming of her every night. T-minus…not long now!