Archiving the lives of our children is such a wonderful gift we can give them and in this day of so much technology, we are overwhelmed with how we can provide the best way for them to look back at their history.

Gone are the days for those of us that remember getting the photos either delivered in a box or picked up from the store, carefully selecting which ones were good enough to put in a photo album that we could cherish and look at year over year.

Now we use small handheld devices no bigger than the calculators of the past to store not just thousands, but millions of photos, videos and more of our little ones entire day.

It can seem so overwhelming. I know. The first year I did a photo book a month – and yes, I still haven’t finished the last one for month 12. It took time and could be expensive if I didn’t have a coupon lying around.

But then I discovered video. Not that anything is new about it, but I discovered how easy it was to take a day, month, whatever of photos and videos and make them into something my little could watch and enjoy as could our relatives and friends.

It’s not as hard as you may think. It doesn’t take as long as you could imagine and there are apps that literally do it all for you with a few clicks. I want to help more parents, grandparents and other friends of wee ones learn how to capture memories in a fun way that will be archived for the future.

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Here is a recent example to help get you motivated. Took me less than 10 minutes on my iPhone.

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