Website aboutI was born in Alabama and my southern roots still reign strong. From my use of “sir & ma’am”, to the “bless your hearts” that my lips will often utter, I am all southern belle. Aside from my love of fried okra and magnolia trees, I am a mama to an active toddler and am an avid traveler.  I am at my happiest when planning the McFee’s next adventure. While most of my travel is for my work, my sweet husband of sixteen years and I are often off seeing as much of this great world as we can.

I will admit quite happily that I am a Disney fanatic and refer to anything Disney related as my Happy Place. Our ultimate goal will be to one day have visited every Disney park in the world, and we completed our first international visit to Disneyland Paris in 2011.

Aside from my family and travel, my other passion is my work. My job working with a women’s not-for-profit is both challenging and fulfilling, and brings much joy to my life. I recently read a quote on a mentor’s wall that I believe is the way to live, “Be in love with your life. Every minute of it.”

I believe in magic, think everything looks better in pink, smile from ear to ear, and love with all my being. Come along on my journey of love.